McAfee Displaying Message That Computer is At Risk

We download McAfee antivirus to keep our system away from any kind of threat and risks. If your McAfee antivirus software detects a problem, it will display a message saying At Risk. In that case your protection status in the Security Center will change from green to either Red or Grey. This message has various reasons and accordingly they have different solutions. Before we move the reasons and their solution, you need to restart your computer. And please make sure to verify your update. Then choose the cause that matches to what you see on your screen.

At Risk- Verify Update

Solution: Reinstall the Software
  •         Remove your Installed McAfee product using the standard Windows Method.
  •         To install it again go to McAfee home page.
  •         Login to your McAfee account by clicking on My Account.
  •         Select the PC you are using and then click Download.
  •         Read the License Agreement and to continue click I Agree.
  •         Follow the on screen instruction to re-install the software.

At Risk- Turn on Real Time Scanning

Solution 1: Try to turn Real Time scanning on manually

  •         Open McAfee product and click on the gear.
  •         Click Real time scanning and then click Turn on.
  •         Return to the main product window to verify is the Real time scanning is on or not.

Solution 2: Reinstall your software using the steps mentioned above

Solution 3: Run McAfee Virtual tool

McAfee Virtual tool is an automated support tool that can diagnose and resolve the issue with McAfee on its own.

At Risk- Turn on Firewall

Solution: Try to turn Firewall on manually

  •         Open your McAfee product and click on Navigation.
  •         Click Firewall and then click Turn on.
  •         Return to the main window of the product and check Firewall status.

Apart from above reasons there might be situation where you get At Risk message without any additional qualifier. The reason behind the message could either be that your software is out of date or it is not fully installed. In fact you will see this message if any of the software’s file is corrupt. If you are having any such reason behind the message then you need to contact software experts at McAfee Support Number UK. Our experts will diagnose the exact reason and then serve you with proper solution.
McAfee Phone Number UK
McAfee Phone Number UK (0808-281-8685)


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