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The Secret for Making Your Mobile Safe from Virus

Most of us these days use internet over mobile and keep our personal data and information saved on our mobile phone, due to this it becomes necessary to secure the mobile more than PC. We definitely focus on our computer’s security but on the other hand mobile security is always neglected. McAfee mobile security is specially designed to keep your personal life safe. You will receive lot of alerts and notification after installing it in your mobile. We know that continuous alerts can be annoying, but at the same time it means that your device is secure. You can stop the alerts or minimize them if you want and for that you will need proper assistance from experts at McAfee Help Desk Number UK.
The software make sure that all the tricks of hackers, thieves and cons go in vein and your device remain safe from all sort of dangers. It protects your device form programs that try to be aggressive. The following features make it the best mobile security app among all.

Antivirus Protection: …

What Can I exclude from McAfee Scan for better Performance?

We definitely need a strong antivirus like McAfee to keep our system secure. But scanning computer consumes lot of RAM, which ultimately slows down your PC, especially Windows PC, although it doesn’t mean that you should uninstall the software and make your computer prone to cyber risks. That is definitely not a solution. There are certain things that you can do to resolve this issue, learn more about them from experts at McAfee Support Number UK. One thing you can definitely do to preserve your system RAM is to exclude heavy files from scanning.

What type of files you can exclude?

We all have some applications that are written in the hard drive constantly; if you consider these applications safe and secure then you should exclude the folders of they are written and read from.  When you exclude these files or folders, the antivirus won’t scan them. Here are some examples of things you can exclude:

•Virtual Machine Directories: It is the most significant performance booster. We sugges…

Some Common Queries Related to McAfee Subscription

Once we subscribe with McAfee, a lot of things keep bothering us, sometimes we need to transfer the subscription on another system and other times we feel like using the same subscription on additional computer. Whatever your query is, you can go through this blog and find your answer here or you have another option i.e. to call McAfee executives at McAfee Help Number UK and take help from them. You can choose whichever you want.
Q- How to transfer your McAfee subscription on another computer?        A-There are times when we stop using our PC or replace it with a new one; in that case we definitely feel the need of transferring the McAfee subscription on new PC as obviously we don’t want to waste the money we spend on the subscription. To deactivate and reactivate the license please follow the given instructions: ·On your new computer, open McAfee home page. ·Hover your mouse over My Account, and click My Account option. ·Login with your registered email address and password. ·Then select…