McAfee Lets You Control Your Kid's Online Activities

The most important concern of parents these days is that their kids our spending too much time online, that increase the fear of parents, as they can’t keep a watch on their kids 24x7 and they have no idea which sites are they visiting. This is the reason McAfee has Parental Control Feature in its McAfee antivirus. Here are some characteristics of parental control:

Setting up Parental Control

For activating Parental control feature you must create an administrator. As administrator lets you choose the setting for each child in the household and for creating a password. To create administrative password, you need to login to windows using administrator. Then protection setting lets you decide what your child can see online and what not. And with the help of the password, only you have control over the settings, no one else except you can change the settings. You can change or remove the protection setting whenever you want.

Website Filtering According to Age Group

This features blocks or allows the site according to the age group. It works on the bases of type of content on the website.

Safe Searching

Search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo offers safe searching. They let you choose how restrictive you want to be. With Parental Control, safe searching is on by default for every user.

Allowing or Blocking Websites

If you want your child to see specific websites then you can add then to filter list and set the permission level as Allow, or if you want to restrict particular sites then add them to filter list and set permission level to Block.

Scheduling Online Time

If you feel that your child is spending too much time online then you can limit their access and set time limit for them. This features let you limit the days and time that your child can browse. A complete restriction is also possible through Parental Control.

If you are unable to active this feature of McAfee Antivirus then you can take help from technicians. To talk to them you need to dial McAfee Customer Care Number UK. They will give you detailed information about any query related to McAfee product.

McAfee Contact Number UK (0808-281-8685)


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