Unlock McAfee Mobile Security on Device

Mobile phones have become the mini world for the lot of people. It is the lifeline as it contains your personal information, photos, data, calendar, address book, documents and many bank account PINs. A day without a mobile these days look like a day wasted. These things need security to protect it from any harm and threat. McAfee mobile security is mostly trusted to perform this duty.

Occasionally people are unable to unlock McAfee mobile security on device. This problem can occur due to various reasons. May be it is because the McAfee mobile security and other anti-theft mobile application is not compatible with each other or the device is not able to receive any commands from the server. Except these, it could happen because the device has no data connection to trigger the forget PIN option.


There are many ways through which you can unlock your device using the correct PIN:

Solution No #1

Login to the web portal, using mobile number or email address.
Select the appropriate account to perform this task.
Go to lock page.
Lastly click the Unlock button and send the command to your device.

Solution No #2

Go to McAfee mobile security website.
Select email and then click on the Forgot PIN.
Type your email address or phone number.
Now check the box that says “My Mobile Device is locked”.
Check the registered email for the support PIN.

Solution No #3

To request support PIN from device
Click “Forgot PIN”.
Select “Send me an email”
You will receive an email with Support PIN to unlock the device.

The above solutions require a good data connection on the locked device. 

These solutions will certainly resolve the issue without much hassle, but if you are still not able to unlock the device then don’t hesitate to talk to technicians at McAfee Help Number UK and get permanent and easy solution.  


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