Latest Features & Benefits of McAfee Antivirus

While buying a McAfee product many people are unaware of its complete features due to which they couldn’t take 100% benefit from the product. We are going to make you familiar with McAfee hidden talent. Let us have a look at them:

1. It is a fast antivirus and anti spyware protection that will detect, blocks and removes viruses, malwares, spywares, adware and rootkits from your system.

2. It features a Shredder that allows you to complete remove all or any one confidential file from your computer completely.

3. Slow scanning was the main cause of trouble for people but now the New Quick Scan can check all the threats and infected areas within 10 seconds.

4. There are so many dangerous scam file and websites that always keep an eye on your personal information. The anti-phishing feature of this software warns you before you access any such link.

5. If you are sick of your slow PC performance then McAfee is the best for you as it maintains computer from the automated tool and makes your PC run at its best.

6. McAfee understands the parents concern that is why it has inbuilt parental control, that allows parents to keep a watch on their kids online activities as well as time spend online.

7. No one like spam mails and the Anti Spam function of the software makes your inbox free from unwanted, offensive and fraudulent mails.

8. McAfee adds site safety rating, so that you can know through the rating which site is safe to scroll and which is not, based on spam, adwares and online scam test.

9. We all access internet banking to shop and trade but mostly we feel insecure in doing so. But now with Identity protection feature you can shop, trade and use bank online.

10. McAfee Total Protection 2009 alerts you when any intruder tries to use your wireless home network through its New Networking Monitor feature.

Yes, McAfee is a bundle of so many amazing features, but you need to know how you can customize these features as per your desire. You can take help from a professional for this purpose by dialing McAfee Helpline Number UK. The technician will let you know more about the software features and their settings.

McAfee Help Number UK (0808-281-8685)


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