Adjust The McAfee Firewall Settings So That It Doesn't Block the Printer

McAfee antivirus software is specially designed to keep you document and files safe and protected from the eyes of hackers. It is a complete security suite which comes with its own Firewall that acts as the filter between your computer and the network. It is the Firewall that scans all the incoming and outgoing traffic and matches with its own criteria. If the packet matches the rules of the firewall then it allows it, otherwise blocks it from accessing your internet. Learn more about Firewall settings from antivirus experts by dialing McAfee Phone Number UK.

It not that Firewall always work in your favor, there are times when we have observed that it blocks the access of other hardware like Printer. Whenever you try to print a document, your Windows try to set up a connection with the printer. If McAfee considers this connection as unsafe then it will not allow it. To allow your printer, print freely without any blockage you will need to open the Firewall settings for it. You will need to grant the full access to the Spooler SubSystem application and also unrestricted the ports used by the Windows File Sharing service.

Below are the given steps to make your printer work without any barrier:

·         Double click the McAfee Security Center on your System’s tray.
·         Then click on the small arrow next to the Firewall and then click on its Settings.
·         On the Firewall setting window, click the “Program Permission” tab to view the permission assigned by McAfee to your programs.
·         After that click on the “Add” button and, select “Full” from the access drop down menu.
·         Then click on the Browse button to open the file browser.
·         Insert the "%SystemDrive%\Windows\System32\Spoolsv.exe" path in the File Name box.
·         And then click “Open” to select the Spooler SubSystem Application and click “Save” to give full access to Spooler SubSystem application.
·         Thereafter, click the “Ports and System Service” tab. This will open up the system services that are allowed to communicate through unrestricted port.
·         Now, place a check mark in front of “Windows File Sharing (NETBIOS) Ports 137-139," "Universal Plug and Play (UPNP) Port 5000, 1900, 2869" and "Common Operating System Ports" systems services to allow them.
·         At last close the McAfee Security Center Window.

I guess now you are easily able to print without any obstruction. In case there is still any difficulty in printing then you can take help from masters by dialing them at McAfee Toll Free Number UK 0808-281-8685.

McAfee Phone Number UK (0808-281-8685)


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