What Can I exclude from McAfee Scan for better Performance?

We definitely need a strong antivirus like McAfee to keep our system secure. But scanning computer consumes lot of RAM, which ultimately slows down your PC, especially Windows PC, although it doesn’t mean that you should uninstall the software and make your computer prone to cyber risks. That is definitely not a solution. There are certain things that you can do to resolve this issue, learn more about them from experts at McAfee Support Number UK. One thing you can definitely do to preserve your system RAM is to exclude heavy files from scanning.

What type of files you can exclude?

We all have some applications that are written in the hard drive constantly; if you consider these applications safe and secure then you should exclude the folders of they are written and read from.  When you exclude these files or folders, the antivirus won’t scan them. Here are some examples of things you can exclude:

Virtual Machine Directories: It is the most significant performance booster. We suggest that you exclude VMware or VirtualBox location from scanning.
Subversion/ Tortoise SVN Folder: The checkout of a source control project fails because of its antivirus conflict.
Genuine Music Folder: If you have music collection from ripped from your own CD or downloaded from legitimate sites such as Amazon then you can exclude such files from scanning. But this exclusion doesn’t apply for other illegitimate downloads.
Folder of Personal Photos or Videos: Are you having a big collection of photos and videos? If the location of these photos and videos is used be you only then there is no need to scan these folders and it will only lead to slow system performance.
Other Scenarios- Everyone use different applications and every PC have different scenarios, so it becomes difficult to say which one suits best for you. But the simplest way to find out is to use “Process Monitor”, a tool from Sysinternals at Microsoft.

For other rules of excluded files you can consult our technicians by connecting with them at McAfee Customer Care Number UK.

How to Exclude a Folder from McAfee Scan?

On home page, go to Virus and Spyware protection drawer.
Then do one of the following:
o To exclude a folder from Custom scan, Click Scan your PC and then click on “Run a custom scan”.
o To exclude a folder from schedule scan, simply click Schedule scan.
After that open the excluded file or folder drawer and click on “Add Folder”.
Now choose the file that you want to exclude from McAfee scan and then click Open.

You can anytime remove the files and folders from the excluded files.  You can learn more about McAfee antivirus from our customer care executives.


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