Some Common Queries Related to McAfee Subscription

Once we subscribe with McAfee, a lot of things keep bothering us, sometimes we need to transfer the subscription on another system and other times we feel like using the same subscription on additional computer. Whatever your query is, you can go through this blog and find your answer here or you have another option i.e. to call McAfee executives at McAfee Help Number UK and take help from them. You can choose whichever you want.

Q- How to transfer your McAfee subscription on another computer?
       A-  There are times when we stop using our PC or replace it with a new one; in that case we definitely feel the need of transferring the McAfee subscription on new PC as obviously we don’t want to waste the money we spend on the subscription. To deactivate and reactivate the license please follow the given instructions:
·         On your new computer, open McAfee home page.
·         Hover your mouse over My Account, and click My Account option.
·         Login with your registered email address and password.
·         Then select the computer from which you want to remove the license from and click Download.
·         Now you can begin installation on the new computer by clicking Download.
·         Run the downloaded file and follow the on screen instructions to complete the process.

Q- What will happen after my subscription expires?
       A-  McAfee antivirus still works even if your subscription expires, the only difference will be that the software will not receive any updates, hence you computer will no longer be protected from new threats. We highly recommend that you should renew your product as soon as possible.

Q- How to expand McAfee subscription duration?
       A-  To extent subscription duration:
·         Open McAfee icon on the task bar and click “Your Subscription”.
·         Click “Buy a subscription” and then click “Buy now”.
·         Type your billing information and your payment mode.
·         Then follow the instructions given on screen to complete the purchase.

Q- How can I turn off McAfee subscription auto renewal?
       A- We understand your concern that you are being charged without your permission and the product automatically gets renewed. To turn off McAfee auto renewal please follow the given steps:
·         Go to McAfee home page and click on My Account.
·         Then login using your registered email address and password.
·         Hover your mouse on MY account and select Auto Renewal settings.
·         To turn Auto renewal off for one of your product, change the on/off toggle from on to off for that product.
·         In the next window, review the available options and if you are sure you want to disable auto renewal, click Turn Off.
·         Then confirm your action by clicking “Yes, turn it off”.

If you are already charged for the subscription that you don’t want, then please contact us at McAfee Refund Phone Number UK. In fact you can call us for other queries and issues as well.


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