How do I get back Files that are once deleted by McAfee?

Everyone knows very well that any antivirus solution is intended to keep the system stored files or folders secured. Not only this, but they delete the corrupted files that are pinned for spreading infection all over the device. McAfee is one such solution that keeps its user inclined and gives them the assured protection they are in need of. It blocks the outside intrusion and resists it to infect the files inside the system. However, sometimes, this action becomes problematic as it deletes the important data too as it looks dangerous.

With regard to the above action, people require a powerful data recovery program for restoring files that get deleted by McAfee. If you are not getting my point, and are in need of an outside assistance, just connect to the tech professionals at McAfee customer care number UK. But if you want to recover the files deleted by McAfee now, then you can follow the instructions to avoid further issues:

·       Before anything else, you are suggested to check the Recycle Bin in your system. The deleted files can be present there, although there is less chance.
·       Another procedure you can opt for is to download the Recovery Software in order to recover the deleted files. You can opt for Undelete Plus, recover Deleted Files, or Drive Rescue, but make sure that you have downloaded it from the trusted website.
·       After downloading it, you must save the file to a location in your system so that you can access it anytime you want. After saving the file, locate it and run to initiate the installation procedure. You might require admin rights to run the file. You are recommended to save the file on desktop that will be convenient for you.
·       And then choose the hard drive where the lost files were stored and click "Scan" button.
·       The quick scan will be started soon after that. After its completion, you will see a deep scan will automatically launch in order to find more deleted files.
·       When the scan is over, you need to choose the files that were deleted by McAfee and click "Recover" button for saving the files to somewhere else other than the original place, so as to avoid overwriting.
·       Click on the OK button and you will have all your files are restored into your device that were once deleted by the McAfee antivirus.

Keep in mind; if you want to stop the McAfee product from deleting files that are legitimate you can connect to the technical executives, who will suggest you the right path. You just need to dial at McAfee support phone number UK and they will take care of the rest. Moreover, they are always present to help you whenever you are in need.


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