How to Manage McAfee Quarantine Items?

Before we begin you need to understand how McAfee security suite actually works. McAfee has a feature known as VirusScan that scans your PC and if it finds any infected or threatening program or file, it either removes it or quarantines it. But what are quarantine files? Quarantine is a feature of McAfee antivirus where it isolated the files and program and stores them to a place from where it couldn’t affect your system. Additionally, it even blocks these programs from being used.

But at times, by mistake McAfee quarantines the files that are harmless and important. Our McAfee certified technicians when called on McAfee customer service number UK say that user always has the option to restore these items. It is user’s choice whether they want to permanently delete these items or want to restore them to its original location. You can follow the instructions given here as per your operating system to restore or delete these items.


• Launch your McAfee security program and click on Navigate button or click on the cog from the top right corner.
• Then click “Quarantine and Trusted items” and open:
   Quarantine Items if you want to choose an individual file.
   Or open “Quarantine potentially unwanted programs” for selecting programs.
• Now you can either select individual file from the list or click on Select All.
• After that, you have two options either delete the selected files permanently or restore them. Select the correct option (Delete or Restore) as per your choice.

Note: To prevent restored files and programs from again landing to quarantine, you should better exclude them from McAfee scan. If you are aware of the process then dial us at McAfee support phone number UK for assistance.


• Click on McAfee icon and then select “McAfee LiveSafe Internet Security Console”.
• Then go to Mac Security and click Quarantine.
• Following this, you need to click the padlock, you will be asked to type your password, then click OK
• After this, you either need to select the location or press the shift key if you want to select multiple locations.
• Then you need to select whether you want to Delete the item or Restore it.
• Lastly, click the lock so that no changes could be made in it.


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